Modify Like many things, this project evolves, and as such this page has been replaced by:
Which Square Article
the text below is maintained only as a historical record.

For which square should a photo be submitted?

If you are new to the site, please have a look at our guide first which should help you get started. The information below gives guidance for those unsure of which square to submit to.

Closeup Shots

Photos of buildings etc...

Wider angle shots such as fields and woodlands

Macro shots of stones, flowers etc

Wide Angle Views

Wide angle shots that cover a wide area, depicting a prominent feature but not including any foreground detail

Wide angle shots that don't have a prominent feature, including panoramas

Wide angle shots that include foreground detail
(even if a 'prominent' subject is visible)

Telephoto shots

Telephoto shots of a distant location

'Geograph' images should be all about getting into the square and taking close up shots of the detail. Wide angle views are fine as backup but not as main images.

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