Before you jump down to the interesting bit about where to find JUppy, we'd like you to read the following, just so you know what you're letting yourself in for...

JUppy - the Geograph bulk uploader

JUppy is an application that installs on your PC. Once installed, it allows you to prepare image submissions off-line, editing the text and image grid references as many times as you like before sending the completed works to the Geograph servers. Because all the information is prepared off-line and sent to us in a big chunk, you may find it much quicker when submitting multiple images compared with using the web interface. One of our beta testers managed to submit 10 images in 84 seconds! Juppy will also take care of resizing images to acceptable Geograph sizes. Alternatively, JUppy's quite happy to let you take care of the resizing.

You can also save a partially completed submission batch and come back later to add more images - great if you're on an extended trip away from your internet connection with your laptop but want to get all the information in whilst it's still fresh in your mind.

To use JUppy, you need a machine with a Sun Java 1.5 (SE5) runtime installed. This is a free download from SunExternal link. If you already have Java installed and it's not the correct one, it will be updated automatically.

JUppy is written in Java so it runs on several different types of machine. It's been extensively tested on Windows and Linux machines. It should work with Macs as well although we've not been able to test it. (If you are able to try JUppy out on a Mac, please let us know how you get on.)

JUppy is still under development and we'd be pleased to receive any comments or suggestions for improvements.

You'll need to trust us

Java applications try to be well behaved. Because of this, unless you specifically grant an application like JUppy access to your hard drive, it won't be able to write anything. This means that JUppy won't be able to save your upload queue or category lists (see below). So, when you run JUppy for the first time, you'll see a 'digital certificate' window appear. We like to think you know us well enough to tell your system to always trust us. If you don't, your system will ask you every time you start JUppy.

Before you use JUppy in anger

Before you can use JUppy, you will need to log in to the Geograph project once. This sets up the category list for JUppy. Once you've performed this first login, you don't need to connect again until you're ready to send us your images.

Updating JUppy

Because JUppy is a Java 'webstart' application, whenever Java detects that your system is on-line, it will check the Geograph servers to see whether we've updated JUppy. If we have, it will automatically fetch the latest, greatest version and install it automatically. If we haven't changed it or you're off-line, you'll use whatever version is installed.


If you've got any issues with JUppy or any suggested improvements, please contact the developers through the discussion forums.

...and finally...

As you're not logged in, we don't know how many images you've submitted. If you log on, we can check your image submission count before we let you loose with JUppy.

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