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Listed below are the top 200 contributors based on number of hectads contributed to every square..

Number in Brackets is the the number of land squares making up the Hectad. Double click a list of hectads to expand (also displays as tooltip).

1.Andreas Hörstemeier 22 ULB02,ULB03,ULB11,UKB...
2.Michael W 17 ULB99,ULC80,ULC90,ULC...
3.Günter G 6 UPV27,UPV28,UPV29,UPV...
4.Harald Sogl 3 UMV75,UMV76,UMV85
5.Colin Smith 2 UUU81,UUA75[8]
   "Uwe Seibert 2 UMB51,UMB52
7.Schlosser67 1 UND50
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