Suggesting changes to picture information

If you view an image and feel the coordinates or picture information is incorrect, you can suggest changes simply by clicking the "Picture details need updating?" link when viewing the full size image.

Read on for more details about what happens when you suggest a change

Changing your own images

If you suggest a change to one of your own images, the changes will take effect right away, with the exception of changing the grid reference.

If you change the subject grid square of the photo, a "change ticket" is raised and a moderator will be notified. When the moderator closes the ticket, you will receive an email.

Similarly if you leave a message to the moderators without making any changes, a ticket is raised and a moderator will be notified.

In certain cases you can use the 'Image Self Moderation' section to suggest a classification for an image, if the image is still pending then the moderator will see the suggestion, just like ticking the box during submission. You can also use this to request rejection of an image submitted in error. Once the image has been moderated you can also suggest a further moderation, in which case a moderator will revisit your image and may offer feedback.

Changing other images

You can suggest a change to someone elses image too - all such changes are moderated.

When you submit a change request, the owner of the photo receives a notification that a change has been suggested, and a moderator is alerted too.

At this stage, the photo owner and moderators may add replies to clarify the request, however its possible that this proess will continue in private, in which case you'll get a notification of the ticket been closed and a list of changes made, including the closing comments of the moderator.

NOTE: It's possible to specify that you wish to make the suggestion anonymously, however this is not recommended as it can cause animosity with the photo owner.

Commenting on changes to your images

If a change ticket has been raised on one of your images, you may wish to comment on it - simply follow the link in the notification email, and you can leave a comment which is sent to the moderators.

When investigating the changes, the moderator may have a query, and they'll leave a comment inviting you to respond. You will get an email notification when this happens. Again, simply follow the link and leave your response as a comment.

Notification emails about tickets on your images

By default you get a notification message when a ticket is created, when a moderator leaves a comment, and when the ticket is closed. Recently we have added the option of the suggestor to flag a ticket as minor, which is suggested for use on typo corrections for example.

You can in your profile, choose to opt out of receiving notifications of new tickets, and the closure notifications, (and optionally only on minor tickets). In this way you can cut down on the volume of emails, and just let a moderator deal with the ticket.

Note that at in all cases as the Contributor, you can always revert any change you don't agree with.

Viewing current and closed change tickets

The change request page also allows you to view details of current and closed change tickets. If the picture is yours, you can see full details and are able to leave comments. For someone else's picture, all you see is the basic change request.

You can also find a list of recent tickets on your own images, using the link at the bottom of your profile page.

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